Bentax Ionisation Tubes

Bentax Ionisation Tubes


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The genuine Bentax® Ionisation-Tube from Varionix is a masterpiece in terms of robustness and durability. The use of high quality materials leads to an extremely long life even under difficult environmental conditions.

The production within tight tolerances coupled with extended quality assurance ensures an extremely low ozone output. The ionisation tube is ideally suited for use in rooms where people live and work as well as in all industrial applications.

Basic material selection and processing procedures allow the production of a cost-effective and high-quality base tube (VTN) that covers most applications.

Due to a more elaborate production technology and material selection, we manufacture also a very long-lasting base tube (VTX) which has an increased  life-time compared to the base tube and is ideally suited for applications with enhanced demands for service life.


Tube Sizes

4 Bentax Tube Dimensions


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