KK1 Series



KK1 Serie 3

Short description The System KK1 consist of a Base-System for one bi-polare BENTAX Ionisation-tubes type . Applications in air conditioning systems (HVAC systems). It can be mounted both outside at the air duct air duct. The retrofitting of existing HVAC equipment is easy to handle. Depending on the desired mounting needs, several power-connection options and mounting kits are available.
Applications Air Cleaning, Air refreshing, Odor Elimination, Degradation of pollutants, Air sterilisation, Air decontamination.
Area of use Air-conditioning systems (HVAC systems), air-conditioning and ventilation systems, and exhaust air-canals in industrial, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, wastewater treatment plants, waste air disposal.
Air Treatment Amount of air treatment: 300 m3/h up to 900 m3/h (depending on air quality and tube size)
Airflow speed above tubes: Vmax 3 m/s
230VAC, 50Hz resp. 115VAC 60Hz

Base Variants


C14 Connector  1  1  1      
Cable Connector       2 2 2
 Base System  3     3    
 Mount Plate    4     4  
 Mount Frame     5     5
1 FSheet KK1 Basis Kombi

C14 Plug (IEC 60320-1) with illuminated Switch, Fuse-Box
including a country-specific C13 power-cord

2 FSheet KK1 Basis Kabel Power-cable (3poles) with Fusebox
3 FSheet KK1 xNN Base-System with hinge mount
4 FSheet KK1 xPN Base-System with plate for mounting at air-duct
5 FSheet KK1 xFN Base-System with mount-frame
Installing at air-duct
Easy tool-less access to tube for maintenance


Examples with tube installed

KK1 xNN E 200x150KK1 xPN E 200x150KK1 xFN E 200x150


KK1-TH is an optional tube-holder support for applications in air-ducts with high airspeed or vibrations.

KK1 Röhrenhalter FSheet opt

Examples of mounted tube-holder


KK1 xNH FSheet opt  KK1 xPH FSheet opt  KK1 xFH FSheet opt


Datasheet   pdf download 24x24 

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