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Air Quality

In enclosed and air conditioned rooms, such as in a hotel or an inn, the people therein are dependent on the quality of existing air conditioning and ventilation system.

Since the air is often consumed only a small part is replaced by fresh air, the type of air conditioning and proper maintenance of equipment playing  a major role. But also the quality of directly intaked outdoor air determines the air quality in buildings. Supposedly good outdoor air quality does not automatically mean good indoor air quality.

Besides dust, particulate matter, pollen a.s.o. the air contains significant amounts of bacteria, fungal spores and microorganisms that are injurious to health. Odors from certain areas of operation, e.g. Food, fitness, and similar areas are trafficked into other sensitive areas. There are also numerous chemical compounds from outside, evaporation from the climate system itself, the building and the fixtures therein, respectively materials.

Guest comfort and well-being

Aero planktonic microorganisms and can not be easily filtered out of the air and through the ventilation ducts. Usually they were carried and spreaded within a very short time  in all parts of the building.

Once the HVAC systems turned off or proliferate at a reduced power (eg at night) , the bacterias accumulates in the existing filters and multiply themselves explosively, promoted among others by the humid climate of the surrounding air. If the performance of the HVAC is increased again, these bacteria are in an elevated concentration blown back into the rooms where they are then set out therein persons absorbed through the respiratory tract.

The increasing downtime in the personnel department of companys are a result of this high growth rate of airborne germs, as evidenced by recent studies. It is concluded among other long-term studies of the health authorities, that in almost all buildings inadequate air quality can be seen. This leads to high rates of infection known as the "Sick Building Syndrome".

The Sick Building Syndrome is now the largest climate problem in all buildings. It is caused largely by the destruction of the natural oxygen ions through the general air pollution, which prevents natural air disinfection in all buildings. For this reason,  in air conditioned or centrally-ventilated and ventilated buildings where people can come together every day, it is much easier to infect each other.

The enormous costs of sick building syndrome have become the subject of international conventions, because the cost explosion in the health system is in the billions, and charges directly and indirectly the labor costs.

Odors and germs

There is probably not a hotel or restaurant where there are no air problems. Even with a well designed, conventional air conditioning system, it's hard to keep cooking odors from the restaurant areas. Even  in the kitchen itself it is  not easy to master odors.

Secondary containment for kitchen wastes are also at greatest cleanliness a base of bad odors.

Bacteria, particularly stachrophyle germs (bacteria living in cold areas) threaten any stockpiling of food, even in cold rooms. This is not just a question of hygiene.

Smoking areas are an abomination for non-smokers. Cold smoke, despite of air ventilation, has been established in  upholstery, carpets and decorations. This is true also for small bars and restaurant spaces.


VARIONIX Solutions

VARIONIX air cleaning and disinfection units treaten all occurring odor problems with ease. They sterilize the air and increase, by appropriate treatment of the respiratory air, very much the well-being and mental and physical activity by guests and staff.

VARIONIX Air Disinfection

Set by the attraction of their negative charge, the oxygen ions bind to all free-floating germs, bacteria and fungal spores in the air and oxidize and destroy them,

Increase of blood oxygen absorption, resulting in increased mental and physical activity. Extensive studies showed that the blood oxygen absorption in sufficient bioactive (negative oxygen ions)  air, is 5 - 8% higher than normal. The results show that visitors, conference participants and staff, are less fatigue, and noted an increase of concentration and receptiveness. The work rate increases, loss due to sickness will be greatly reduced.

A kill rate of 80 - 95% is confirmed by test institutions (expert opinion). Thus, in the transitional period the most feared infection risk will be considerably reduced , and reduces the loss due to illness. But also the risk of infection among the guests is minimized.

VARIONIX Odor Removal

Odor is largely based on exposure to bacteria.  Killing the bacteria is one of the bases to eliminatie odors. Smell of aerosols, which are absorbed by the nasal olfactory molecular substances are also oxidized and reduced after a short time and not simply "covered".

Hotel and Restaurant businesses producing numerous loads of indoor and outdoor air, which not only damage the company image, but also can cause problems with the locals .

With VARIONIX - devices you can get these problems quickly under control without major rebuilding measures.

Garbage and waste odor

Unpleasant odors from storage containers for kitchen waste:  Perishable food waste is rotting much slower This results in less odor. Sculleries will  be neutralized intense. The spread of odors in hotel or guest areas are effectively prevented. Rooms for grease traps cause less intense odor or strain during emptying.

Cigarette smoke and mixed smells

VARIONIX devices "restore" smoky hotel room. The annoying smell of the equipment (furniture, carpets, curtains,...) is neutralized.  In the same time , the room will be sterilized. Better air quality, even for poorly ventilated guest rooms. Cigarette smoke and cold smoke are reduced.

Kitchen air - supply and exhaust

Kitchen exhaust contains scents (spices, garlic,...), which are not filterable. VARIONIX devices reduce the smells in the kitchen, and in the environment and improve the existing ventilation system. Kitchen smells are separated from the guest room and outwardly neutralized. Even the wardrobe of the guests will not taking the typical "Kitchem smell" anymore.

Conference rooms

VARIONIX devices provide better air quality. The ability to concentrate of the conference participants is increased. Motivation and performance increase. One tires considerably slower in a prepared VARIONIX - air.

Cold stores, cold rooms, buffets, bars

VARIONIX devices destroy up to 90% of airborne germs and give them a longer shelf life of perishable foods. Meat, fish, salads, etc. stay fresh longer and look better. The transfer of odors from one food to another can be prevented.

Toilet odor

VARIONIX devices in the supply or as a wall mounted in lavatories themselves, provide odor-free air and leave an overall impression of hygiene.
The ventilation systems with ionized VARIONIX devices and thus conditioned air can be easily distributed via the channel system. The air in the smells fresh and is easily respirable.

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