Nature does it long before

Sunlight or lightning in our atmosphere constantly forms ions from the oxygen (O2) in the air. The ions produced here (O2-) react with the air pollution, which were oxidized and neutralized. Thus, the atmosphere has its own natural cleaning process.


Now we do the same

We form from this natural process and bring it controlled in each room. The oxygen ions neutralize odors, sterilize the air, reduce pollution and bring freshened air into the room.

The Bentax bi-polar ionization tube create a tightly controlled corona discharge (DBD Dielectric Barrier Discharge). The discharge forms is a non-thermal unstable gas plasma. In this plasma there are positive and negative ions, and intermediates of oxygen (atomic oxygen, oxygen ions (O2-), Singluett-oxygen and ozone).

These highly reactive intermediates lead to an immediate oxidation and destruction of organic compounds. Bacteria will be killed and make air borne germs incapable to germinate. The energy content in non-thermal plasma corresponds to an extremely hot gas but the actual temperature plasma is only marginally increased. This makes it possible to change volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as hydrocarbons, at best, to carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). Other compounds in the air such as NH3, H2S and others can be eliminated as well.




After a lightning storm, the ozone concentration is increased near the ground. Man perceives this as a pleasant freshness. Generally, air with slightly elevated ozone concentration, but below the odor threshold of approx 0.02 ppm (20 μg/l), will be perceived as refreshing. In a corona discharge, oxygen can be formed to ozone (O3) . Due to the special design and tight manufacturing tolerances, the ozone concentration of the conditioned air is maintained at a very low level.


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