Food Industry


More hygienic and profits for the food industry

The processing and storage of perishable goods is an ever present problem mainly for food processing industry. Countless bacterias ensures that meat, sausages, dairy products, vegetables, keep up short time and become quickly unappealing even with the latest storage and cooling technology,

The normal storage in cold rooms delays the process of decay, but there are to many cold-resistant germs and bacteria, making the attempt to crack the goods.

The decay process of food is often also associated with high costs for early recovery or even disposal. In addition, the requirements of the authorities in hygiene and cleanliness is naturally associated with investment costs

The Varionix ionizers with the BENTAX ® technology delay or even prevent the process of decay

Our ionizers fight effectively against spoilage and poisoning bacteria such as staphylococcus, salmonella, Escheriacoli, Legionella, and mold spores.
Wherever it comes to hygiene, therefore, should Varionix ionizers to ensure the destruction of unwanted bacteria and germs are used.


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